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Pregnancy after surgery to uterosacral ligaments

Hi ladies, to those of you who have had surgery and have been blessed with pregnancy...did you find lots of discomfort as you progressed?

I'm 5+3 today and had radical excision last June. It was quite extensive on my uterosacral ligaments. For the last week I've been experiencing intense but dull cramping in my groin which radiates down to my toes. I think it is ligament pain and I'm worried I'm going to be in for a rough ride!

Does anyone else have experiences like this?

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I'm currently 15 weeks and my last surgery was a year ago and like you I had endo removed from my ultra sacral ligaments. I had what you are describing between 4-6 weeks and the doctor said it is completely normal for any pregnancy. It's just implantation cramping. I haven't had it since- I now get round ligament pain and all the stretching and pain feels completely different from cramping. I hope this reassures you! Enjoy your pregnancy x

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