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Endometriosis and Adhesion

Hey everyone,

I have done laparascopy in November, i was diagnosed with Endometriosis 3 stage, Adhesion - 4 stage at right pelvic cavity, now it appears that adhesion has developed in three months. Doctor suggests me to do in vitro as i can get conceive naturally.

if you had such an experience, please give me some advice. i wanted to do Pilates but doctor told me it is not recommended for me.

Please, consider that i'm from Georgia, Europe and it is difficult for me to find proper answer to my question.

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Hi there unfortunately adhesions are a big risk to the surgeries we have to have and there is nothing we can do to stop them forming I think it's quite normal for them to develope quickly sorry this hasn't been much help but they are unfortunately normal

Take care xx


Thank U for the respond. it there any physical therapy that can reduce adhesion process? and if U know is it possible to make in vitro during the adhesion?


Really sorry but I don't know about physiio to help with adhesion formation from what I understand it's the bodies defence to make adhesions after trauma such as surgery or infection and I was told there is basically nothing we can do to stop this happening .

but do have a a chat to your doctor about it they may have some ideas



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