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Problems after Hystorectomy

Hi all, I have read some post from a year ago which have helped me to see that I am not alone. I am 12 Days post op. I had a total Hystorectomy along with a very large fibroid of 16cm x 9cm the incision was from navel to pubic area as could not carry out procedure along bikini line. I had clips removed after 10 days and then an area of the incision opened up roughly 2 inches, I was admitted to the ward as it would not stop bleeding. I kept my hand on the dressing and changed them when they were no longer viable to leave. My Consultant came to visit me and said I have an internal and external infection and that is the reason for the incision popping open, the infection needs to get out and that is its way of doing so. It can not be stitched up as it will seal the infection inside and I will be more in trouble. I came home after one day and went back for a change in dressing today and the same thing happened again (forgot to say they put some steri strips on when the clips came out, but bled through) as the nurse changed the dressing she needed to remove the steri strips as they didn't look too good well it opened again and that freaked me out, my husband was with me and saw what happened, I think he realised that I should be taking it easy (but you know what they can be like, not use to,doing the domestic side of things) I need to now go every day to have this change of dressing and I am on two antibiotics. Not sure what's next if this keeps happening. But is this because of endometriosis and adhesions that I have had for a very long time. and also I am 2 stone overweight which I have heard that can cause this to happen. Would it be a good idea to as part of the lead up to the produce that over weight ladies should go on a diet and do their best to get off that excess weight and maybe treat the endometriosis with a medication if possible. Anyone have any advice on how long this will take to heel or will I need to have an operation to stitch the open area once the infection has gone. Thank you in advance for your advice. NN.

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Oh bless you. I am sorry I have no advice but I just want to wish you well. x


Many thanks Marie, appreciate your reply. Take care.


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