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Zoladex, pains and future pregnancy, advice please x

Hi everyone not posted in months now since my latest removal of endo, in November I had my op to remove my endo which unfortunately had spread to one of my ovaries and parts of my Fallopian tube, they also found a cyst which they removed during surgery,it's very scary that in less than a year it had spread so much. After the op I was told to go on zoladex injections for 3 months as my gynecologist is aware I want to be trying for a baby this year, I had my last injection last month, I've been quite lucky as the only side effects I really got were major flushes! Wow! Never experienced that sort of thing in my life but now to my questions...anyone with zoladex ever get really sore boobs? (Sorry to be blunt) but this last week mine have been feeling different and slightly sore like a heavy sort of pain. Also anyone else that's been on zoladex for 3 months how long did it take for your period to return? Desperately want to start trying for a baby but for the obvious reasons waiting until I start getting periods. Also terrified of my first one after not having one for 3 months 😩 any advice for zoladex or pregnancies would be very appreciated. Much love girls x

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Hi! I was on prostap (same as zoldex) for 3 months following my surgery in June last year. My last injection was at the end of August and my periods came back at the end of November. So far they have been totally pain free, which is life changing for me. We too are TTC, so fingers crossed it'll happen soon. Good luck xxx


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