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Volterol Tablets

Hi Everyone

I've had endometriosis for about 13 years now and I use a tse machine to help with the pain which I have to different degrees every day but on the really bad days I used to take volterol tablets from the pharmacy

But now I've been told that 2 weeks ago it was made prescription only does anyone know of any other similar painkillers that can be bought from a pharmacy please

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Hi there

It may be wise to go to gp for something I had naproxin fir a while but this prescription only as well but it did help. I think you can get a feminax with naproxin in from the chemist .but with any of these anti im flammitory medications they can reak havoc with your stomach .

Good luck


I couldn't function without voltarol - it is the most effective drug out there for me. Why not just get it prescribed as I do?

The reason it is prescription only is because of the possible heart health implications so it is best for your GP to know you are taking it. It was like a miracle when I first took it, the only painkiller that had any effect without spacing me out or sending me to sleep. I am very careful and always take it with food, even if I really don't want to eat, as my life would be over if my stomach was damaged and I couldn't take it any more.

You can also ask the doctor to prescribe you a large number of paracetamol. When I go to the pharmacy with a prescription for paracetamol they just sell it to me rather than charge me the prescription fee (obviously paracetamol is much cheaper over the counter than paying for the prescription would be) but it means they can sell me a larger quantity than they can if I go in without a prescription. Paracetamol is a good and relatively safe way to add a bit of additional painkiller and can be taken with voltarol.

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Thank you for your replies I just get so nervous going to the doctors which is why I go to the pharmacy but I think you are both right I should see my doctor thanks again x


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