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Anyone else have trouble getting life/critical illness insurance?

I am currently looking for life insurance and also really keen on having critical illness cover too. However I am finding every insurance company I have tried turning me down purely because I have endometriosis which I am still suffering badly with and a gall stone which I haven't had removed!

I do not find the gall stone to be causing me much bother (not compared to the agony of endometriosis anyway!) therefore I haven't had the surgery to take out my gall bladder as I have enough to deal with with the surgery for my endo.

I am looking for any advice from anyone that may have struggled or has found somewhere that will give me some critical illness insurance?

Thanks ladies!


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I had no issue with getting life and critical illness cover because my endometriosis. I went with l&g through nationwide as they cover the most medical conditions with their critical illness cover. Is it because you want it to cover your endo? They can't name endo as a disease it will cover, they name 26 conditions such as specific cancers and they list certain criteria for you to be unable to continue to work seperately that would warrant the payout. Ring up and get a quote :) xxxx


Thanks for your reply! I haven't asked any insurer to cover my endo I was just told that because it was an ongoing condition that nobody would insure me! And I think that was l&g! Which I find ridiculous :( I will keep trying though as maybe I have been given the wrong information.. Xx


Oh yes, they ask if you are currently under referral. When you've been discharged call up. I'm always being discharged to see how I get on with stuff so that's what they mean. X


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