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Hi ladies, well I had a real bad night last night pain levels the highest they have been since september when I was in hospital, and obviously no sleep, but finally got asleep for a few hours, my husband is on nights and I was truly scared, I have 3 sons and thankfully they are at an age that I could wake them if need be, I've got up this morning and feel much better just tired, still in pain but nothing compared to last night, I no now that my pain in September had nothing to do with the kidney stone they found, which is what most of the docs said anyway, but because they found it they had to deal with it before investigation started again, I'm waiting for my date for my 1st laporoscopy,

MY QUESTION IS, does your pain come and go for instance you might have 3 bad weeks then a good week or 2 low pain days then 2 high pain days, I've definitely noticed my pain levels get lower a few days after my period start, that's been for 3 months now, but apart from that it seams very random,

When your not in pain, do you question yourself, thinking maybe it's gone and I was fusing about nothing,

I'm just so confused and getting more and more fed up, then I read s post about nothing being found and now that's stressing me out, arrrgggggg,

All over the place.

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I have doubted myself a lot in the past because the pain seemed to come and go. I have moderate endo and some months are easy, some months are absolute hell. Every time I have a pain free month, I start to think it's all in my head but tests show otherwise. My maternal grandmother had endo and suffered no pain at all, so it really depends on the individual! Best of luck and I hope you're okay, it's hard but try not to doubt yourself - you know your body better than anyone.


Hi there

yes my endo has taken me to some really extreme places and then not so bad

that's the one thing about this disease which is so frustrating it changes all the time I can't keep up with it half the time all I do now is treasure the good days and hope for the best

I really hope you pain eases off soon and you can get some relief.

take very good care



Thank you


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