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Finally diagnosed but scared I won't fall pregnant

I'm 23 and have had chronic pelvic pain for last few years. Last year I went into a&e with severe pain and ended up having a lap resulting in the removal of one of my ovaries because of a cyst that was to big to simply remove, the pains still carried on and a year later iv finally been diagnosed with endo. I'm petrified I won't ever fall pregnant. Doctors havent given me any advice or help other than to start taking the pill which I don't want to do coz I haven't fallen preg in two years and although I want the pains to stop I want a baby more and I just keep thinking this is only going to spread and get worse I feel completely broken not sure where to turn.. Any advice ?

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I'm not sure I completely understand. So are you not currently taking any medication as you are trying to concieve and have been for 2 years? With the discovery of your endo have you had what they found removed? After you have endo removed you are temporarily more fertile.

You can still concieve with one ovary. It depends on whether your cycle is all on one side, your body might still think an egg is coming from the other side which means you can only concieve every other month but you have no way of knowing so you must actively try every month. I have concieved with one tube which works the same as one ovary.

If it has taken you two years to concieve you can go to your GP and ask for help with fertility. This involves different tests and can go on to different drugs. You need to be honest with consultants that you are trying for a baby. It will help more.

Hope this helps x

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I was diagnosed with endo after trying to conceive for 4 years, starting when I was 24. Because of my young age, and the then 'unexplained' infertility I was offered IVF. It was during the first cycle that a large ovarian cyst was discovered and then subsequently endo was diagnosed. That round of IVF had to be stopped and I then had laser surgery to remove severe endo and cyst. I had another round of IVF quite soon afterwards and conceived my son who is now 14. I then went on to to have my daughter who is now 11 without help and 10 years later at the age of 39 fell pregnant with a daughter who is now 3, she was a complete surprise since I a had small cyst and recurrence of endo AND I was 39!!

You have age on your side so PLEASE don't worry too much, it's hard, I've been there, talk to your gp/consultant find out about Fertility options that are available to you. You'll get there, I was told it would be almost impossible to have a child and I am blessed with 3. Try and stay positive xx


I've just had my endometriosis removed a month ago, but I conceived with endo and I have a baby boy aged 10m , I think it's so sad that women instantly think endo means they will never have a baby , yes it may take time but it's not impossible! Don't give hope xxx


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