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Feeling frustrated and not getting any further forward

Having a really low day today with the pain and feeling really frustrated with the hospital. Was told on the 18th November I was being put on the waiting list for a prolapse repair and stress incontinence repair and endo clean up yet when I contacted my consultants secretary two weeks ago I was told I wasn't on the waiting list yet as my pain consultant hasn't responded to my consultant and that i was to contact her again in two weeks if I hadn't heard anything....I contacted her again Tuesday and was told they still hadn't had a response and I would need to be patient.....I'm trying really hard to be patient but 8 and a half weeks on and I'm still not even on the waiting list and I'm struggling on a day to day basis with the symptoms of the prolapse and constant leakage all day every day along with the endo symptoms and pain, I struggle through each days work and come home and crawl into bed and I constantly worry that I smell from all the leaking. I just feel so fed up and frustrated and don't know when this is going to end, sorry to rant just had enough now :-(

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:-( so so sorry to hear this. Have you contacted PALS at your hospital? They may be able to help. Sounds very frustrating. Take care and hope you get some answers soon.


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