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Mirena & pain

Can anyone with a Mirena tell me if there endo pain worsened considerably after insertion of Mirena before it settled. I have had mine for three weeks and thought I didn't feel any different so thought it would agree with me then but this week the pain has worsened considerably to unbearable especially in the last 24 hours. I now have an emergency appointment with GP today. Gynae wants to wait a few months to see how I am before reconsidering lap. Originally planned lap for now but as I have other conditions I'm an anaesthetic concern. I thinking of going to A&E if gp can't help.

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My pain has been awful since having mine fitted a couple of weeks ago been told to give it more time and painkillers.


Hi Miracle 77, I had a coil fitted during my lap and the pain definitely got worse before it got better. And by worse I mean I was on the sofa unable to move with morphine worse. However this soon passed and the pain was at the same level pre operation for quite a bit. I do remember posting the same question as you on here at the time and some one said stick with it. I'm glad I did. By the time it had been in 6 months my pain killers had halved and after being on the anti-inflammatory diet for another it halved again. I'm hoping to be pain free by the summer. For me it wasn't one thing that has brought my pain down but a number of factors but the coil definitely got me on my way. The operation didn't get rid of all the endometriosis either. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis so was due Gnrh drugs and then hysterectomy but it looks like I'm not going to need either. A change of diet has definitely done me wonders pain and health wise too. I can't say what is right for you because the cause of pain is complex. And what is difficult with all of these treatments is that they all take such a long time to kick in and in the meantime we have to manage the symptoms. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and if you want to know more about the diet then let me know.


Yes i was the same for about 8 wks then its slowly died off to almost no pain most days . Takes about 3-6 mnths to deal fully with ur symptoms.

Just be awareu may in the coming wks get vaginosis which ive ended up in hospital for twice now. Its totally avoidable as its the ph levels goin abit a rye.& bad bacterial grows. Invest in active BV pesseries just incase as its agony !!!

Worth reading up on it !

Dose urself up , rest and ride the storm hun !! It will be worth it!



I had the mirena put in 9 days ago. First the pain was real intense. I had mine done at the hospital. Took about 20 minutes. Even 9 days later the pain is so intense that i feel horrible. Got no pain relievers before leaving. This will be my only time having the mirena. Hope this helps. 


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