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Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 2 years of continuous pain (i thought it was due to my mirena being in for 13 years- but even thought this was removed in December 2014 my pain has increased) dont think my doctors are taking me serious though as prior to that i developed stress related alopecia and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I work but am really battling as i havent slept properly for 2 years. I was only made aware of the diagnosis after going for blood tests and getting a look at the screen where i saw fibromyalgia under diagnosis, when i ask the nurse why it said that she looked at me as if i was crazy and said well that is obviously what your doctor thinks you have and she asked me if this had been discussed with me, which it had not. I really dont know where to turn, the constant pain is becoming too much and i am really feeling like there is no point in even looking for medical help!

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My friend also had a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia after having pain for a long time. My advice would be to go back to your gp to discuss treatment options as they were able to bring hers under control with some meds. There's also a lot of fibro support groups online and on Facebook. May be worth a look? X


Thanks, I will keep pushing, i suppose i have no choice! i hope your friend is coping ok x


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