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Got the call for Surgery, Yahoo!

How twisted is that to be excited about getting a date for surgery! But after 9 and a half months of pain I'm ready. The hospital had an opening sooner than I was expecting. So next Tuesday, after it being 11 years since my last surgery I don't know what I could be in for, maybe it's nothing, maybe it won't resolve my issues but a diagnoses all the same will set me on the path to knowing my next move. Too long in limbo if you ask me. I know somethings not right and it's similar to what I had which my previous surgeries corrected, so hopefully! At least the surgeon is prepared and experienced to excise endo or if need be perform bilateral salpingo oophorectomy if needed at the same time. He follows a consevative approach so that is doubtfully going to happen. I'm so happy to be moving forward though! I shall keep you all posted . Thanks to those of you for encouraging me to seek a second opinion.

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I completely get it and think if I got that call I would be the same as you!

I've been waiting since September for my date so fingers crossed I'll get that call soon too - hope it goes well for you


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