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Have surgery or wait it out??

Has anyone been given any advice on whether it's better to get endo lasered off as soon as possible or try to wait as long as possible between surgeries?? I've already had three operations with the last one being only 5 months ago to unstick my bladder, womb and ovary! I can feel that the endo is back as getting sharp pains again, but would say it's bearable. Last time I had surgery, the anaesthatist said by veins were ruined because I've had GA soo many times (probably had it about 15 times over my life) which got me thinking that maybe I should hold out, but on the otherhand I don't want to risk further damage to my insides as would like more children. If I go to the doctors, they will just refer me to my specialist who will suggest an operation, so would really like your advice before then on whether to go and get treated now or wait. Thanks

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I would recommend surgery. I put mine off 2 years and now it has progressed to the point where I need part of my bowel removed. The likelihood is it wouldn't get as bad as that for you but it's a chronic condition which means it only gets worse if you leave it. You could look at taking the pill or depo injection as that slows down the symptoms but depends if you want children now.

Giod luck with whatever you choose. X

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Thanks Louise - you are probably right! We've got a 9 month old boy and want to have our next ones as soon as possible so can just get everything taken out in the long run so can't go on contraception! Such an annoying condition - can't believe I only got 5 months out of the last operation!


I've had my surgery only two months ago and yesterday had all my pain come back I am devastated just wish they could find a cure x


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