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Ovulation bloating/pain

Hi ladies

Can anyone help educate me or tell me they experience the same :)

During ovulation I am sooooo bloated. I then get contraction like feelings down into my bum. Like labour contractions I guess?

Is this the uterus contracting that gives this sensation?

I'm so uncomfortable and hurts to sit down:( feels like I'm full of gas. I need a release switch haha

Thank you for reading xx

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Hi I also suffer bad bloating before my period, I'm only small so end up looking like I'm pregnant. Unfortunately iv never found anything to reduce it, saying that I am finally thinking about giving evening primrose oil a go.

I also get the pains in my bowel that you described if I go to sit down I come flying up again as they shoot through, I do have endo in the pouch of Douglas though and been told this is why I get them in the bowel.


Thank you for your reply

Although I get the pains shooting up when I sit during ovulation- I don't get any pain when I'm opening my bowels. I guess you do though :(

How did they find your endo? Scan or surgery?

Thank you



They found my endo via laparoscopy i believe this is the only way.

I do also get pain when opening my bowels but think that's due to the IBS.

Good luck with everything.



Hi, have you thought about trying the endometriosis diet to get rid of the bloatedness. I've been on a wheat free diet for years but recently cut out sugar and dairy and found it really helped, especially as I was always constipated too. Peppermint tea also good for helping get rid of gas.


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