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What do they do with adhesions?

Hi everyone,

I've got my date through for lap in feb. I went to the gyne after having a dragging pain in my left lower stomach and constaint pain. Scan showed nothing bit gyne said he could feel something from his internal. He's suspects it's either more endo or adhesions from my last laps. If it is adhesions is there anything they can do? I thought I had been told of u had adhesions they could do. Anything because to operate on them would make scar tissue worse? Any experience of this? Thanks in advance x

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When I had my lap they drained endometriomas and removed the patches of endo and discovered my ovary was attached to my bowel. The only way to deal with that was to remove the ovary (fortunately my bowel didn't need a resection) but I am aware that they can separate adhesions and had planned to do it to me until they discovered how much worse it had become and I needed a total hysterectomy. You should have a pre-op appointment and they will be before they do it so you can discuss how they will actually do it, I know I did x

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I had my 2nd lap last month - on both occasions my right ovary was attached to my pelvic wall (same place). This time they freed my ovary and also used anti adhesion gel to try to prevent it happening again so may be worth asking about this.


Thanks suzie I haven't heard of that gel before. i will def ask about that. It's great to go armed with this info because sometimes they not forth coming x


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