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The Gynaecology Ultrasound Centre, Harley Street

Has anybody been here?

I had private adominal/transvaginal ultrasounds here and the the findings were that my left ovary was stuck to peritoneum and sigmoid colon and that my right ovary was stuck to my small bowel, as well as nodule on left uterosacral ligament. This was consistent with my symptoms and previous endo history.

I waited 6 months for another lap on the NHS (last one somewhere else in 2012). The doctors say no endo/adhesions but there are no pics/descriptions of the relevant places.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

I am going back to this private place on Harley Street to see if the scans are still the same and will take it from there.

I feel like maybe the hospital I was at were out of their depth with rectovaginal endo...either that or my symptoms are in my mind/the private scanner was lying-although not sure what his motive would be.

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Hi there, I had the opposite problem! I went there in September and they found nothing on the scan but when being seen at UCLH only 6 weeks later they found that my ovaries were stuck to my bowel, lots of adhesions and large nodules. Weirdly enough it was the same technician! So what this told me is that scans are not accurate! So I wouldn't take it as the hospital being out of depth... as I was seen by the same person, once privately, once NHS and showed completely different things.


Well that is interesting! Thanks for your reply.

Do you remember the technician's name?



Will message you - we're not allowed to discuss doctors/people on here (I think)!


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