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Bowel resection

Hi could anyone give me info on bowel resection my bowel is fused to my uterus I've just had an MRI scan which shows I need a sigmoidoscopy to see if endo has gone through my bowel wall the colorectal surgeon is arranging the appt soon I spoke to my consultant and he is confident he can resect it without the need for a bag but I'm confused how do they do it ? And how does it not split after going to the loo sorry for the in depth questions but a little worried now :(

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Hi I'm going in to have the same thing done. In March. I have been told that if the endo has gone throw the wall of my bowel then I will have to have a bag. But It depends on how far in to the bowel it's gone.(which I'm really hoping it hasn't) they can slices it away little by little. This means it shouldn't upset the bowel at all. And the same with the uterus. I was told I may need a bowel bay for a short time just until the bowel recovers.I hope this helps take care xx


Hi Lisa Marie, I too have had endo found on my bowel, and ovaries are stuck to it. Am due to have it all resected and excised end of March. I think they only use the bag if they have to resect a large area of bowel to give it time to heal. If the area is small they can just cut out a little hole and should be ok. This is what I was told, that the need for a bag is small. To avoid any infections or straining of your bowel they put you on a high fibre, fairly bland diet for a few weeks after the op in order to give your insides a bit of a rest. Hope this helps! Message me if you have any other questions!

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