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Medication? Pregnancy? Recurring uti?

Lots of questions... Recently been diagnosed with endometriosis my bowel is stuck to my uterus which that is stuck to something else and my left overy is stuck to another lining... My surgeon said he couldn't remove a lot as it could cause me more damage and end up with a colon bag so great news at the age of 23! He said the best thing to do is to change my contraceptive pill over and not have a period for long periods of time so I am now on marvelon is this any good? Or should I go on something different? I don't want to make anything worse!! Also for years been suffering with reoccurring uti's could this be a side effect of the endometriosis? And also I'm so panicking about getting pregnant, maintaining pregnancy and having a healthy baby I know the likelyhood of me have a normal vaginal delivery is slim and I would have to have a section but the thought of it all panicks me! X

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Where to start! I've just turned 24 and was diagnosed when I was 23, I just had a lap to remove endo from the side of my womb. Small stuff, I know, but so painful and disruptive.

What contraceptive pill are you on at present? I was on Ovranette for nearly two years and I had the same issues with UTI's. I would send a sample to be tested and it would come back that there was blood in my sample but nothing else. So naturally the doctors had no idea and just gave me antibiotics- in the long run this has ruined my digestive system- but I never had a UTI until I was on the pill. So I stopped taking it and the UTI's cleared right up. To some people the pill convinces their body that they are pregnant and part of pregnancy is the body relaxing the muscles of the bladder to better accommodate a baby- this is why pregnant ladies need to pee so much- and why I needed to pee so much- that and the endo (thats why I had blood in my samples). So I would highly recommend changing your pill, it has done wonders for me. I have never tried marvelon, but try it and see.

And as to pregnancy, you will have to discuss that with your doctor, I can't tell you how hard it will be because I have yet to try for kids. But for 9 months you will get a bit of relief from the endo at least. But try not to panic, this disease takes over so much we need to try not to let it overrun our lives. I know it's hard and I have been through some pretty bleak patches on my road to recovery and I'm still not there yet. But I made the decision not to let it take over my life. It doesn't always work and I still have my black days but for the most part I'm much happier not living in fear.

I hope I helped a little bit.



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