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Post Lap Vaginal Pain and Spasms

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all well and not suffering too much.

Three weeks ago I had my third lap which went really well. Since then I've been doing great bar one concern. On four separate occasions I've experienced a sharpe shooting pain in what I can only presume is my vaginal wall on the right hand side. Twice this pain has gone upwards and round to the right, as well as up my rectum. it's been so intense that I've not been able to move,it's literally took my breathe away and not stopped for a good ten minutes. On the other two occasions its been sporadic, short and sharp spasms in the same place. Its not quite so intense but makes me jump each time. They last longer over time but dont go as high up.

Is this something that any of you ladies have experienced with/without lap? What have your gynaes suggested that this could be?

Thank you in advance for your help


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Is it like a sharp shooting pain like an electric shock? I had this after second op. My surgeon said it was nerve pain. When they have cut through nerves, the nerves are then exposed and continue to fire. I was worried because I didn't have it with first lap. They assured me it was normal and sure enough the pains stopped after a couple of weeks


Hi K_ay, thank you for your reply. That's exactly how it feels. Like a pinchy shock. I've made a note to mention it to my consultant but I shan't worry too much if it'll soon stop. Like you I haven't experienced it in either of my previous two laps so I was a tad concerned.

How long did yours go on for?

thanks again x


Hi! I've woke up at 6am with the same problem it started on right side when I went for a wee a few days ago but now all my lower abdomen and underneath is excruciating. It feels like glass inside! In 4 weeks post op. Did you find out whether this was normal at the time? dont know whether or not to go to the doctors x


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