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Post-op recovery concerns

Hi, I've lived with the disease for years, but earlier this year my condition escalated and I was diagnosed with Stage II / III Endo. I had my first lap in August, followed by a three Zoladex injections and a second lap. I suffered from very harsh side effects when on Zoladex - extreme endo-fatigue, very low mood, malaise, hot flushes.

According to my doctor, in the course of both ops, they removed the large-ish cysts (7 and 3 cm), and all rogue endometrial tissue. So technically, I'm as good as cured. Three weeks after my second lap, I should be feeling much better.

But it doesn't feel like recovering, but merely surviving. I'm worried. I know everybody's recovery times differ, but I'm still in a lot of pain: sharp pain of my ovaries; dull, warm ache of lower back and tummy; my arms ache; my mind still feels foggy; I get tired easily (I spent the whole day yesterday in bed); my legs still hurt (warm ache down my thighs, sharp knee pain).

I don't know what to expect. I'm worried and my doctor and GP seem very optimistic and think I'm back to normal, but I don't think they understand how severe my pain is and how miserable I feel.

Any insights into whether this is normal and what should happen next would be welcome. I have an appt with my GP next week. Please help me understand what's happening.

Thanks, girls

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I had to have 6 weeks off work with my first lap and was still exhausted for about a month after I'd gone back. With my second lap I recovered in 2 weeks and was back at work after 3 weeks and it was a more complicated procedure. I think every surgery is different but you should speak to your GP again if you are worried and try and get plenty of rest.


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