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Feeling blessed

What a rough year for me and I'm sure a lot of you too...

There are so many negative stories because we are let down time and time again. So I wanted to put my positive story down to show that perseverance is worth it. I had my second lap in sept where endo was found on my uterosacral ligaments and burnt off and adenomyosis confirmed. I had to wait 6 weeks to my gynea who then discussed a hysterectomy and told me it would have to wait till the new year. I left his office half with hope and half with an uncertainty... I felt he did not really listen to me. He was going to do a total abdominal hysterectomy and leave both ovaries and do his best to get my cervix out. I then got a date for the 5th Jan. Happy with this I started organising and counting the days but more questions came up so I emailed him. No reply... almost 2 weeks later I get the dreaded phone call to be told my op date has Ben moved to 2 weeks later. The reservation lady said it's only 2 weeks.... I told her that's a long time when you are in pain and scared of ovulation etc! I was offered another gynea... I took the name and asked her to let me know an available date and if it was suitable and my research showed he was good I would consider it...

Well have landed with my ass in the butter! I met Mr English yesterday who pioneered the laparoscopy procedure for endo... He specialises in severe endo and pelvic pain etc etc , teaches the stuff here and in Europe etc.... He was amazing he listened to me.... told he would be doing it laparoscopically which reduces my recovery time (other gynea told he was doing it abdominal as HE did not want to struggle to get it out) he also said he would remove all endo found and the stuff on my uterosacral ligaments. I told him that had already been done to whixh he answered I can see it's been burnt off but it's deeper than that... It will be in the tissue and needs to be cut out!!! Shock.... I'm sitting in front of a proper specialist without realising it!!! I asked if he would consider taking my left ovary out as it's where I get all my pain... He said he thinks by my symptoms that it's stuck to me bowels and possibly my bladder which he can remove himself and take the ovary away... He specialises in bowel endo! He said getting my cervix out won't be a problem either and takes the tubes out too as research shows that where most ovarian cancer starts! My op will be on the 3rd Jan... 2 days before my original date.

I persevered.... not happy said so and look where I got.... its worth speaking your mind if you are not happy! I am thrilled that soon this will hopefully be a thing of the past for me....

I hope this all gives you some hope in what's seems to be a very long dark tunnel... that there is light at the end and it's not just a train....

Now to get work to agree to giving me some leave beforehand to cope until then. 3 weeks and 3 days and counting.

Hope you are all ok xxxxx

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This is fantastic news pleased things are finally getting sorted for you and I'm pleased you managed to see an endo specialist that was lucky keep us updated and all the best for your upcoming operation xx


Thank you Bekie.... hope things are ok with you xxx


Good luck, I had my hysterectomy in June this this and it was the beast decision I ever made. I had a week off (annual leave) before my surgery and it was the best decision I made as well. You can PM me if you have any questions.

Mary x


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