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The come-down

It's been a little over 3 weeks since my Laparoscopy to remove my endo, and for the first week I felt delightful and very optimistic. Now after a little time has passed, and I started taking Yasmin, the reality that nothing has really gotten better is sinking in. Unfortunately, I'm still in pain, I still have horrible bowel troubles and my periods are still weird. This present one has been going on for nearly a week and a half which is very strange for me. I'm going to have to accept that maybe it wasn't all the endo and I may still have some way to go before I feel better. I'm also worried that the new pill I'm taking is responsible for the long period, or is it just that they made an incision in my womb when I had my lap? But in typical NHS fashion I will have to wait a few weeks to ask a doctor, I have an appointment on the 23rd- pre-christmas, yay! I also still can't eat gluten or lactose so that seems to be a permanent fixture. So I'm sorry for the miserable post but it's been an eye-opening few weeks, and a little disappointing.

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Sorry to hear you are feeling down - I hope you are feeling a bit better today? I just thought I'd write you a quick post back, as I was put on Yasmin a few years ago, and it really made me feel awful - after I'd been on it a few months, I was crying all the time, felt really depressed, like I was living inside a black cloud. It also didn't help with my pain at all. I've had this before with different pills (any kind of hormone treatment seems to make me act like a crazy person!), and literally within 2 weeks of stopping taking it I felt normal again! I also had really heavy periods while I was taking this pill, which again wasn't normal for me.

Of course, everyone reacts differently, I have a friend who has been on Yasmin for years, and she's never had a problem with it! But, I thought I'd share my experience - and I really hope it hasn't affected you in the same way as me.

I had a lap a year ago, and my periods are still heavier than before the op. No idea why, but certainly seems to be the case :/

Look after yourself, don't let the NHS get you down!

Sending big hugs


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Sorry that you are feeling so down.

I'm another who can't take the bcp. I blow up like a balloon, feel wierd and disassociated on them and tend to bleed, and have increased pain. Not good. Even in my teens when I was first put on the pill for bad periods I could only take the v low dose ones which have since been associated with an increased risk strokes etc.

I can't say whether the inscision in your uterus has caused longer period, your surgery and the spatula they put into uterus to move it around, or the pill , that is leading to the long period.

I am also lactose intolerant and can only take a little wheat ( doesn't need to be in wheat free environment but can't eat eg bread etc ) . I am currently 29w pregnant after several cycles of de ivf and they won't investigate until my hormone levels have settled but they say it is unlikely to go away as started before I conceived. Have you had any investigation done to rule out inflammatory bowel disease?

I was v hopeful that , if I could get pregnant again, my symptoms would improve as I have 4 year old twins and during/ just after that pregnancy is the best I have felt in the last time 10 years. I have had more surgery and lots of drugs since my symptoms worsened again which made no difference so it was the light at the end of the tunnel ( plus I wanted more kids ;-) )

However, this time there has been no improvement during my pregnancy, and my bowel problems have got worse. I felt as if my last hope had been taken away.

I have done some looking into dealing with chronic pain. While a lot of it is aimed at sufferers of back pain and not really relevant to endo sufferers, there are some gems.

I am trying to look at the positives in my life. Enjoy the little things. It sounds twee but the autumn leaves, the frost on the grass etc.

I am trying to accept I have chronic pain and it won't get better. I get scared sometimes thinking about the futre re work etc, and angry when I see others at my work with the life I should have if I hadn't got endo. I try and accept these as normal feelings and not dwell on them.

I hope you can get some info from your consultant re exactly what was done . If they haven't investigated the bowel problems get them to. Ok it may just be endo but it may not. Meanwhile lactose free milk, yogurts ( yummy frozen ) and lactose free cheese have been a godsend for me. You can also buy lactase tablets which mean you can maybe have an occasional treat out ( tho I have never tested with more than a bit of double cream on a wheat and dairy free cake. I have also found things have improved a bit since I started drinking peppermint tea.

I am also waiting an appt at the chronic pain clinic. However , it is apparently a long waiting list.

Sorry for the essay, but i just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I hope things will improve for you over the next few weeks and months.

x x

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