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Bad cold :(

This might seem an odd post but having read/been advised that endo can lower your immune system I was wondering if anyone else experiences this; everytime I get ill I seem to get it 10 times worse than everyone else. For example there is a cold doing the rounds in the office and everyone else had a few sniffles for a couple of days then its gone. I have had it since last Wednesday been suffering severe sinus pain, coughing until im almost sick and its now turned to bronchitis :( could this be a result of my endo lowering my general immune system?

(I know my bad cold doesn't compare to the horrendous symptoms some of you have!)

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Hi Adele

I used to be like this, but I moved abroad a few years ago and needed some antibiotics and was also prescribed Probiotics for after the treatment. As a child I was on antibiotics all the time for tonsilitis, ear infections and never given probiotics. I was always ill. I do wonder if the probiotics make a difference. I now make lots of fermented foods and drinks and I hardly catch anything. Try some probiotics when you finish your antibiotics for your Bronchitis. Could help. Hope you feel well soon. Big hugs. Jen xx


Thank you, I will give probiotics a go x


Hi yep I completely understand. These days I don't feel I even have an immune system. I've got pnuemonia right now date a cough that lasted about a month. I went to a&e with pains which I thought were endo related but after a chest X-ray turned out to be pnuemonia. I'm 35 and other than my endo I'm fairly fit and healthy so I'm a bit puzzled how I got it. I'm a childminder and the kids constantly bring in germs and pass them on so think I need a change in career. Hope you feel better soon x


Earlier this year I had bronchitis and went for a chest xray only to find out I had pneumothorax ( collapsed lung) ! I really feel like my immunity has lowered in the last couple of years. I was always the one that never got ill, but seem to pick up everything now :( hope your pneumonia gets better soon x


Yes, I always get the symptoms of a 'cold' when my endometriosis is bad. I'm still not convinced it's an actual cold as it seems to pass very quickly when my period is over!


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