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Same symptoms as endometriosis

Abdominal discomfort or pain from gas, indigestion, pressure, swelling, bloating, or cramps

Feeling of fullness, even after a light meal

Nausea or diarrhea


Frequent urination

Loss of appetite

Unexplained weight gain or loss

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Rectal bleeding

Shortness of breath

This is a list of symptoms I copied and pasted from an article about Peritoneal Cancer. I have all of these symptoms but so do endometriosis patients and ovarian cancer patients. If a specialist doesn't undergo diagnoastic procedure for biopsy I could go past the state of early stages when it is still treatable.

I am especially concerned because of the history of my prior surgeries. See I've had peritoneal cysts that are apparently caused by endometriosis, and from what I read this should be monitored. However no ones told me that. Now it has been years since my hysterectomy and my pain has all returned, and as per usual diagnostic scans do not show anything. An MRI showed bilateral ovarian cysts and the nature of this illness is definately exibiting all the symptoms.

I think if doctors and specialists are not willing to do laporscopic surgery for diagnostic means but would rather postpone by prescribing hormone treatments instead than it is negligence that compromises our ability to get well and survive.

I had precancerous cell changes to my cervix as well prior to my hysterectomy and opted to have the cervix removed at that time because of this. The pathology report from my hysterectomy showed sqamous metaplasia in the cervix and a squamous endometrium and fibrous adhesions to the uterine serosa.

I am started to wonder if maybe my issue wasn't endometriosis. Maybe the endometriosis was just my bodies way of alerting me to bigger problems. And maybe these problems still exist despite my hysterectomy. None of my pat specialists ever discussed my findings in surgery in detail with me. i got the post operative and pathology reports myself to dissect and try to understand with my limited education. I am really hoping to see a specialist who is willing to determine what the cause of my pain is, and not dismiss me again because I don't have pain when having sex. That was a bit of a rant but I'm sorry there are bigger problems to worry about, like cancer and catching it early. Plus i hope he is willing to follow up with me as well and not dismiss me after surgery like it's all over because as we know ladies with endometriosis, it is never over. Even after hysterectomy. They know that we have to learn that because they don't want to tell us that do they?

Yes, I sound a little bitter I've earned it after a lifetime of living in pain and distress. My badge of honor, being a victim of the unknown right from the beginning and without my determination to find a cause I would not have discovered what I did so far.

You know as well as I, we have to be our own advocates that is the whole point of forums like this, to share and become more aware. To find out all the stuff they know and aren't telling us.

"Yes BettyLou, you have endometriosis but if you just take this pill you'll be fine"!

My response... fill in the blanks B_ _ _ S_ _T !

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