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Does anyone know what is the timeframe that the NHS must reschedule a cancelled operation?

My lap was cancelled at the last minute on 13th Nov through no fault of my own. I was told by nurses, my GP and the hospital appointment section that I have to be taken as a priority and they have to get me back in very quickly.

However, the Dec dates are now out and I'm not scheduled??

Is the a specific max timeframe that they must get you back in by? I have lodged an official complaint now as I was told I would be back in within a couple of weeks and this will obviously not be the case. Has this happened to anyone else?

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At our trust we try to reschedule within 28 days.



My lap got cancelled on the 11th February. Once the offices opened that same day I phoned up and got a cancellation for the 28th Feb! It is so frustrating as you get yourself mentally prepared! I will keep my fingers crossed for you to be seen soon xxx

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Yes it was a big shock especially when I was just about to put my gown on and be taken down. I can't seem to get any straight answers on this from the appointments line it's all very frustrating. It's a big set back for me at this stage as I am up for IVF next and this has delayed me further. Hopefully I get some answers next week to keep me sane!


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