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Do I have endometriosis

Hi I need some advice.

Are there any major symptoms of endo?

I've not been diagnosed nor tested, but I googled feeling sick before period and it came up. I've never really this real bad sick feeling before period I may of but never so bad I was concerned.

I take cerazette usually, and barely had a period, but I came off it last year for a number of months I just ran out and due to not dating etc didn't feel I needed it, but my periods were irregular and so painful at times could feel like I could pass out. I just took it on as I used to have the same prior to cerazette. I went back on it 3 months a go, and as before and my symptoms did reduce, but I guess due to the break my body was adjusting so I carried on having period with symptoms but not as disabling just mainly pain and slight lightheaded-ness

This month, Due to not getting new batch of cerazette I've had another break, and this week I've felt soo sick, like real bad motion sickness along with bad bloating (constipation) feeling faint and feeling drained and body feeling exhausted and feel like I can't keep eyes open.

It was so bad yesterday I had to leave work. I had no signs of my period so didn't think it was due to this, but got it this morning, in almost crippling pain pain relief is not really helping neither. So I'm putting it down to my period.

Last year I also worked it out that my B12 defiancy I had prior to taking cerazette few yrs back could possibly of connected to having periods, as I having needed to have injection of b12 every 3 months.

Also, I had to have colposcopy for reoccurring abnormal cells removed on cervix, and was having 6 month gynaecology swabs, now been discharged.

Could it be more than bad period? Should I ask to be tested?

Appreciate any advice.


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Hi Sophia,

I think it would be worth a trip to your GP and ask them to refer you for a scan. You may have PCOS and or Endo.

The scan will show up any cysts etc... this combined with you talking about your symptoms, they may refer you for a laproscopy if they think it's likely to be Endo.

I would definitely push for a scan and then take it from there. Coming on and off the pill can't help either.

Best of luck xoxo


Endo is not usually about one major symptom - but an overall history which are all clues pointing to endo ...and yes your history certainly does indicate that you either have endo or adenomyosis.

On the plus side you have been doing the right things..B12 helps, being on the pill helps - though it would be better to cut down or stop periods that to use the pill to stay regular.

Taking a combi pill pack back to back for 34 months in a row then having a period - will reduce the number from about 13 periods a year to 3-4 a year, but better still would be to use a more permanent long term period stopper which means you are on a lower dose of hormones for a start and they work a lot longer with much less faffing about.

Nexplanon arm implant lasts up to 3 years, so does Skyla coil, and the mirena coil lasts up to 5 years.

So far you are on the right track -but to be sure this is endo and more importantly to discover just how much endo you have and where it is growing and how much harm it may already have done inside you, your next step is to ask your GP to refer you for an ultrasound scan to rule out several more easily spotted gynae conditions, then ask to be refered to a gynaecologist.

Once you get your appointment with the gynaecologist you run through your period history and all the symptoms you have described and what you have so far been doing to handle the periods and push for getting a key hole laparoscopy done to see what is going on in there.

Not everyone has raging pain every period, or bloating or constipation or erratic bleeds or heavy periods or whatever else endo can throw at you - but looking at the whole picture you have described what life is like with endo and it certainly is a very strong candidate for your history.

You cannot actually be tested for endo, there are no tests to say for sure and even if there were - it wouldn't detect where in the body the endo is growing or how much of it there is or how much damage it has already caused which is why a diagnostic surgery is an essential part of the process. And that in itself is not easy to get done. waiting lists even to see a gynaecologist are long - then you may have to undergo a host of experimental treatment options to see what can help you and those are used to pinpoint the likely cause being endo - and eventually somewhere down the line you can get an op.

It ought to be a much quicker process but it isn't and it will probably mean quite a lengthy battle to get the op you need. The average wait to get to a confirmed diagnosis is still 7 years. But there are ladies who get their ops a great deal quicker by dogged determination and pushing for what they know they need.

A lot of GPs and gynaecologists will try and fob you off, some out of ignorance about endo, some because they know how limited the NHS rescources are and might consider that just stopping periods is the cheaper option, but if you have any hope of one day having a faily of your own - then you must get the op sooner rather than later if for no other reason that to check if your fertility is on the verge of being compromised by the endo (ie. it is growing on or next to the ovaries or fallopian tubes and could end up blocking the pathway of a released egg from reaching the uterus)..... it doesn't happen to every endo case and you can very severe endo causing all sorts of problems all over the body but still have clear ovaries and tubes and be perfectly able to conceive naturally. It's the not knowing that is the issue.

The sooner you can find out the better. They may already be compromised - in which case knowing from the start that your only chance of being a mum will need IVF means you can start right away saving up for IVF, even if you are not ready for baby making just yet.

I your fertility is on the verge of being mucked up - early surgical intervention could buy you a lot of time.

The pill is not taken for the purposs of contraception - it is one option for menstrual control which is the main reason endo ladies are put on BC pills and other options. It's all about reducing the chances of new endo spreading from the womb each period, whether you have had all existing endo removed or not, stopping periods is the main inbetween surgery treatment for helping you with endo and bad periods.

I would definitely recommend you get on to your GP about this as soon as you can, the quicker the better because the waiting lists for every step of the way can mean months of waiting so starting on your journey to diagnosis as soon as you can is the best advice.


Thank you both very helpful.

I have cysts on both sides more right than left but doctor said I not to worry or need to surgical remove until it has an affect on pregnancy? I think is wrong.

I did many moons ago start the pill for my cycles, but due to family history of strokes and that I get migraines they changed me on to cerazette and so I don't have a break. I've had no trouble on them and like said before think it has helped my b12 and iron levels.

I'm definitely one of those girls who needs to be on the pill to help relieve as well as regularity.

I will make an appt with my GP.

Thanks again



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