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Why do I have to go in the day before my operation?

Hi everyone, I am having an lap operation on Friday to attempt to remove my endometriosis, I was diagnosed last year and after trying a few different things my pains have went from bad to worse. I should of asked at the time but it was a bit of a blur at my pre assessment I was told my doctor has requested me to go in the day before. Has anyone had experience of this and know what it's for? I know there doing something as I know the nurse said its to help make the operation safer I'm sure? Any advice would be great. Thank you

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Lots of reasons for going in the night before. could be that your 1st or 2nd on the operating schedule next day, and they want you there and ready to go first thing. Another reason might be to give you Clexane or some other blood thinning drug the night before the op if you are high risk for DVT, or perhaps they want to give you a bowel prep to clean out your digestive pipes before surgery.

Or all of the above. The most common reason is so you are guaranteed to be there ready for an early start, no stuck in rush hour traffic, oversleeping or whatever else might cause a knock on effect. Perhaps the 1st spot of the day is the only time two surgeons that you might need, are available at the same time slot to work together.

It's nothing to worry about - bit boring waiting on the ward, so dotake things to read or do to occupy yourself. Slippers and dressing gown and own pyjamas or night shirt, snack to eat until your fasting is to start. You will have been told what the lastest time to have food will be - or will be told when you get there.

If your op is straight forward lap and you recover quickly from the anaesthetic - you could be home mid-afternoon next day depending on what's done.

Two ops ago - I was called in the night before and when I got to the hosp, I was told I would be woken at 6am

to be taken down to theatre to prepare for the surgery. It makes sense to have one or two patients ready to go as soon as all staff are ready in theatre.


Thanks for your reply, I have to be in at 9:30am and I remember now the nurse saying something to do with my bowels so it'll probably be what you said regarding that. Again thanks for the advice just hoping I don't feel as rough as my first lap!


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