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Fed up with NHS Doctors

Hi everyone, sorry for the rant but I'm so fed up with the NHS doctors. I had an op in June this year where they burned off bleeding lumps inside my bladder which was causing me horrendous pains. I'm still in pain. My consultant discharged me 3 weeks ago saying to me keep taking antibiotics and pain killers even though they don't work, and eat whatever I like.

I told him I can't eat whatever I like and its a waste of time me taking antibiotics that don't work.

I told my consultant that I can feel there is something on my bladder, when I open my bowels and when I pee I'm in so much pain, I have pains when I eat solid foods. I'm on a wheatfree, glutenfree, dairyfree, soya free diet. Do you know what my consultant said to me? He said there is nothing else that can be done, you just have to learn to live with it and discharged me. I was so angry, I went home crying to my hubby and told him what the consultant said to me.

My hubby went on the internet and started looking for a private doctor, he found one and we went to see him 2 weeks ago, he was so nice, he listened to me and was so understanding, he did an internal CT scan and showed me wuhe found. My bladder was stuck and pulling to the left, my right ovary was stuck and he couldn't find my left ovary. I then had a CCT and MRI scan done. My private doc phoned me and asked me to come and see last week Thursday. I saw him and he told me he knows why I'm in so much pain, my insides are stuck together, I have lots of Endo, the biggest Endo is sitting on my bladder, I have a big cyst on my left ovary that's why he couldn't find it, I have Endo on my right ovary, I have it on my bowels which is spreading, I have Endo near my rectum, near my Virgina. I have adhesions as well.

When he told me all this I cried, I thought it was all in my head but now I know it's not the pains are real. I'm going to have an op to remove all the Endo, cysts, adhesions in 3 weeks time.

I'm Wondering why NHS didn't pick any of this up. Don't they know how to read the scan or don't they know what to look for.

I'm so worried about having another op, I wish there was another way of getting rid off endometrioisis. Has anyone had any problems like I have with the NHS doctors or am I the only one. I'm Feeling so only, afraid, I just want to cry a river and feel sorry for myself but can't as I have kids to take care of.

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That's disgusting and you should def see another doctor. I am beginning to think they just have no idea! I have been told by a doctor and a consultant that I am basically just fat and endo and mirena don't cause bloated stomach. I left both places in floods of tears. Feel like nobody takes it seriously even though I have similar problems to you, after lap 8 weeks ago was told they couldn't remove endo coz it was so severe and to come back and talk about having a hysterectomy . I did my research went back and the consultant said do some exercise see how you go, we will see you in six months!!! Noooooo!!! I had to pull myself together, luckily my hubby was with me, and demanded she put me on the list for a hysterectomy. She had no bedside manner and was awful. The doctor wasn't much better. If I could afford to go private I defininatley would.

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Oh no, you poor thing, maybe you should also see a different doctor to. Endo diffenantly causes me to bloat even if I don't eat anything. It's a joke the waiting list to see a consultant for either a follow up or to get the test results, it takes months and months to see them.

I had my hystercretomy done in 2012, my Endo came back even worse. I don't think the surgeon checked for Endo anywhere else, I think he couldn't be bothered and just performed the hystercretomy. I now have to take out a loan to see the private doctor and to have this op that I need. It's so stressful as I'm not working only my hubby is.


I have had constant problems with the NHS, and I hate to say it because I know a lot of them do the best they can but they seem to completely fail women like us. I have had constant pain since i was 13 (im 20 now) and they diagnosed me with polycystic ovaries and possible endometriosis. I fought for years to get a lap and they refused when they found a big cyst had popped so that must have caused the pain. They refused to do anything saying the fluid would drain and ill be fine. Well that never happened and 2 weeks ago i finally had a lap that discovered that that exact cyst had never drained and had caused a very serious infection and possible infertility. Im so angry that they didnt do anything before. Im also angry how they have just given me antibiotics and told me to go away. If i had this infection since i was 13 id be dead so something else is going on. They said because of the seriousness of the infection they didnt really get to look a lot, so what happens now? Are they going to look again or do i just get left to get on with it? Theyre absoloutly useless! Good on you for getting it all sorted yourself!! Hopefully at somepoint the nhs will make some huge improvements because this is not good enough!!


I don't blame you for being angry, you have every right to be angry. I just don't understand why the NHS doctors don't listen to us when we tell them something. They just look at you as if your nuts.

You should make a complaint that's not good them not doing anything, they should at least do keyhole surgery to see what else is going on, and even if nothing shows up on the scan.

I hope you do get it sorted out.


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