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Bad time after such a good run!

Hi All,

Feel I need a bit of a rant and some help!

After almost a year of pretty good health the last month or so has been pretty rubbish. I got diagnosed with mild endo last February but unfortunately with lots of symptoms. After being on lots of pills as many were not making me any better I went on to Marvelon. Still was getting 15 week bleeds, leg pain, bad moods etc. In June last year I decided to see a homeopath as I was on pregabalin and every painkiller you can think of to the maximum dose and feeling like a zombie.

I instantly felt loads better and in October decided to come off of the pill as I had exhausted most of my options. ( I was offered Zoladex and the coil- i declined both). My periods instantly regulated and I felt like a woman again. I suffered with pain during sex, no sensation in my nipples but this had all stopped! At 26 I felt my age and not like a walking medicine bottle!!

However the last few weeks I have been getting irregular bowel movements, brown discharge, pain in legs. Feeling really low. I went back to the doctors and they went through all that is available but I requested to see the consulant.

Would they give a 2nd lap so soon? Am I foolish to refuse treatment? Can it grow that quickly?

Any help/advice would be amazing!

Thank you xxxx

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Mine did grow back in about the same period of time as yours. It's so disheartening isn't it when u see think there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Were u having a break in your pill? I found that running my pills together and not having a break helped a lot. Even though I got breakthrough bleeding it stopped the stabbing pains i felt up in side when I tried to go to the toilet ( sorry tmi) and although I got the occassional breakthrough bleed it wasn't as bad overall in comparison.

I had zoladex when I was at uni and it was getting really bad. Maybe felt different for a couple months after but can't say it made a huge difference. X


Thanks for your reply. Yes was back to back when on the pill but my longest bleed was 15 weeks!!! I just never stopped. I have just had a call from the dr today and even though endometriosis is in my notes they are saying they won't refer me back to the gyne until I go and have some swabs at the surgery to check for infections!!!! Drs drive me mad...makes no sense to me...I fought for so long to be diagnosed with endo and now back to square one!!!


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