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Bleeding for 10 days now, on depo injection, 5 weeks post lap

Hi ladies, I've been on the depo injection since April with relatively low problems, a bit of spotting here and there, nothing major. I had a laparoscopy on 11 September which found the endo had been cleared completely by the depo. I was obviously very happy to hear this and was looking forward to moving forward now with "just" IBS to deal with. 4 weeks after my lap I began to bleed quite heavily. 10 days later I'm still bleeding. Went to see gp and he said it's just a side effect of the depo and there's nothing they can do about it until the depo runs it's course (in other words I could bleed until december!!!). Has anyone else had this problem? Is my dr right or should I get a 2nd opinion?


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