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I was diagnosed with endometriosis just over a year & a half ago... I had my first key hole surgery, I didnt understand my condition well enough & just assumed that was the end of it, my bad. I think I was just so excited living pain free for a while, well unfortunately its back again and im having my second opp soon. I just feel like its taking over everything! my personal relationships especially are going down hill because I go through a mixture of mood swings and not sure if this is entirely normal when im happy im really happy but when im annoyed or sad its like my whole world is ending and the people around me feel the knock on affect! does anyone else feel like this?

I dont want people around me to think im being ungrateful and a mardy grumpy person if anything Id like to think am not.. but its got to the stage were I feel im loosing my personality.

I genuinely feel like crap does this stop and what helps to keep positive?

on top I feel very drained and exhausted from doing nothing id really appreciate some advice on what I should be doing from people who have had similar experiences..?

Thank you x

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Hi, sorry you are going through this. I have only recently been diagnosed. Reading your post my first thoughts are are you on any hormone treatments/ contraception? The pill makes me feel exactly how you describe. If not then it may be worth getting checked by your gp in case you are suffering from depression. My last thought is that you should make sure you talk to your gyne and put together a treatment plan that way you will feel more in control. As for the tiredness I wish I had the answer to that one myself.


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