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Pain in hands and 'popping' sensation

Thank you all for your support and information a few months ago, prior to my 14 yr olds laparoscopy back in June, during which the consultant removed widespread superficial Endo in a 11/2 hour op. He is a good compassionate guy, and the treatment was discussed and he said hopefully it would give he a few pain free years.

She had a 12 week follow up appointment where the consultant shook her hand and called her a hero, and then you could see his disappointment when she told him the pain was already back, he really hoped he'd got rid of it all. He changed her pill and has writing to her gp suggesting that if this doesn't work to have an MRI.

Sadly she has still not stopped bleeding and worse, recently the pain has been getting stronger and stronger and being felt all around her body, in her hands and fingers, arms hips etc and a couple of times she has described a 'popping' sensation around her ovaries.

She has now been off school again for half of the start of this term, her 1st year of her GCSE course, and is beside herself with both pain and anxiety for her schooling.

She has recently had her pill changed to microgynon, but this hasn't stopped the bleeding and was also prescribed codeine in addition to paracetamol and ibuprofen (she's been on amitryptaline, cocodamol, transexamic, mefenemic, provera) but nothing controls the pain. She doesn't have another consultant appointment till 12 December - that's 3 months away and three months of her feeling like this and stressing about not being at school!

so, any experience of 'popping' and what would an MRI show?

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A MRI would be done to check for adenomyosis or adeno for short. It's very similar disease to endo, but is hidden inside the uterus muscle walls. It bleeds when on a period, but the blood is trapped in the muscle causing bruising and like all muscle bruises this hurts and takes a while to calm down and reabsorb back in to the body.

Unless she has had enough and wants to resign herself from having children, by having a hysterectomy to cure it, the only option besides being that drastic is to take pain killers and try and stop having periods.

Is the popping feeling all the time randomly happening ? - or could it be at ovulation so once or twice mid-cycle when the ova is released from the ovary?

I certainly could feel ovulation on both sides as a distinct sharp pop, as did my sister. We both always felt when we ovulated from a very young age. She doesn't have endo, but I do.

So that is one possible reason for a popping sensation. Perhaps ladies with many cysts, those with PCOs might be better to advise on whether this is possble to happen more frequently with PCOs.

I don't know about that but it's a thought.

The pain felt in fingers hands and arms is not typical of endo or adeno.

What has crossed my mind is this might possibly be an auto-immune reaction or condition such as those caused by Arthritis or Lupus. [Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)]

It is known that ladies with endo have a higher incidence of having Lupus and other auto-immune conditions. I wouldn't wait to see the consultant gynaecologist - this is not their area of expertise, but go see the GP and mention this to them and ask for a blood test - it might just be regular arthrtitis, or something else entirely, either way this is not one for gynaecologists.

It can be drug induced ie something she is taking and may stop when she switches drugs, or it may be an underlying condition which is flaring up now.

If your daughter is diagnosed with something like arthritis or lupus then this will affect the birth control methods available for her to use and other drugs she might be offered.

patient.co.uk/health/system... has more info on lupus.


I would definitely advise you to get her checked out with regards to the fingers, hands and arms pain. It won't be endo - but it isn't a normal growing pain location either.

There are other ladies on the forum with Lupus and Endo, which makes my suspect something such as this, may explain her symptoms.


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