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How can I cope with pain

So I got rushed to hospital end of July n diagnosed with PID and pcos and was in severe pain but after internal scan the doc thinks I have endometriosis and am waiting on op to confirm it but in the mean time how do deal with pain,I already take 8 tramadol and ibuprofen a day n am pulling my hair out, it's unbearable!! Any advice would be much appreciated!!

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Have you tried a tens machine??

When the pain was really bad I used one for a while. It didn't get rid of all the pain but did sort of damp down the pain and distracted the brain from some of the pain.

Heat pads that stick to your skin also helped me on really bad days when I knew I had to be out and about.

I'm also taking gabapentin now which seems to be successful for me. It's an anti-epileptic drug which is used on nerve pain that doesn't respond to morphine type drugs. It's a heavy duty drug which I wasn't convinced was going to help but I have to say its helped me. There are other drugs like amitriptilene - spelling may be wrong - which are anti-depressants but can minimise pain.

I'd go to the GP and ask for some advice, hopefully they give you some options to manage the paint, if they can't suggest anything they should point you in the direction of some one who can.

Are you taking paracetamol too? I'm sure you can take that too and it may just help top up the other drugs!!!

Hope this helps x


I ended up in A&E on Friday night due to severe pain. One of the nurses suggested using a frozen bag of peas or something similar wrapped in a thin T towel so that it isn't directly on the skin. Up until now I've always used heat but so far the frozen item seems to help take the edge of it. It might be worth a try



On bad days I was taking 8 x tramadol, 8 x paracetamol plus ibrufin but still it didn't take the pain away, I think My body just got used to the tablets, after 4 weeks and the pains getting worse I ended up in a&e where I was given a bottle of morphine, it was the only thing that eased the pains. It wasn't ideal and I hate taking it but after 4 weeks of pain and being stuck on the sofa, I needed a little bit of rest bite from the agony I was in, I hope u find some thing soon that helps ease your pain. X


Thank you for your replies,I to take tramadol n paracetamol n ibuprofen n need something more but don't want be a hassle to docs n keep going back!! Just feel like I being a pain in their area!!


I find buscapan helps and you can take it with the tramadol and paracetamol. Good luck x


Hi. I just bought a TENS machine and can honestly say its the best thing ever! I take tramadol and co-codamol on a daily basis, some times just to get moving! After a particularly bad run of pain I gave in last week and got one. I wish I could explain how it works but I for me it does! The wires are a bit of an annoyance and i've got a wee rash where the pads go but it's been a life saver for me and i'd say well worth a try. Best £30 i've spent for a while x


Thank you,can then TENS be used whilst working? Just trying to get back to work for my own sanity! I to like you am on tramadol n cocodamol n some other meds! Got my gynea app on Thursday so hoping they will try and sort things outeven if I crapping it that send me away again like they did a year ago!!


Yes, I use it at work. I just put the control on my desk but it's small enough to fit in your pocket if you need to be moving about. Give it a try and I hope you get on well on Thursday.......good luck! x


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