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I posted a line on Friday after my lap, i also had a hysterscopy, they found no endo but a patch of adenomysis in muscle of uterus.

The replies i had were very helpful one lady said her symptoms were just as mine, pelvic pain bad bowel probs bleeding issues extreme tiredness, as i m not seeing gynie till end of year i wondered if anyone could tell me what could be the remedy!!!!, im 47 , will he offer me a hyster? or hormones does any one have any experiences, i would really appreciate more advicexxxx

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Yes- hysterectomy is the only way to entirely remove adeno from the body - but make sure it is only the uterus that is removed. You still keep hold of the ovaries or at least one of them, and then that means you don't have to spend decades on HRT every day. Let the ovaries continue protecting your heart and bones (which they do) until you naturally menopause.

If you are no longer baby making - then this will be your best option- becauset is the only one to remove the cells from the body, do make sure you read up on the risks of a hysterectomy and weigh them up with the alternative options of long term period controllers like mirena coil (5 years) or Nexplanon arm implants (3 years) both of which can ease the symptoms by stopping your periods.

If you haven't yet seen the adeno website it can be found at

adenomyosisadviceassociatio... and has a great deal of info about the surgery option and preparing for it.

Good Luck for whichever options you opt to use.



I have both Endo and Adenomyosis.

There are two types of Adenomyosis... One is focal where the disease is just in one area of the uterus... The second is diffuse where the disease is found throughout the muscle of the uterus.

Some hormone treatments can be helpful at alleviating the symptoms of the disease but the only cure is a hysterectomy.

I have completed my family and so I am having a hysterectomy next month. I have definitely noticed a dramatic increase in my symptoms from Adenomyosis over the last year and I now experience pain to some degree, most days.

This is a great website:


Please feel free to PM me.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


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