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Need advice

Hi I'm 21 and from durham UK. I was diagnosed in July when I had my first lap after 5 years of chronic pain to be told it was IBS. Since my lap I've been worse and monday just gone was the worst I woke up with chronic pain I had to crawl to the toilet.. I was sick and sweating i then experience painful bowelments and was screaming in pain and went to A&E I was given morphine bloods normal and sent home. My gynea consultant won't see my because I'm still in the healing process but I'm now loosing my job at the end of the month because im off to much. What can I do!!!

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I know exactly how you feeling.

I have had pain for years. Then last year in June I had my right Overy removed due to dermatoid cyst but the pain got worse and am not constantly in pain. I have had prozap injections etc. They did investigation lapscopy on Monday and they didn't find anything. Suggest I just go back on pill or coil. But I don't want to put more hormones in. As am 32 and want kids and had wanted to have a few years without the idea of hormones in my system before I started trying. But now am worried with pain I won't manage to fall pregnant cause am on morphine all the time and it's a big risk falling pregnant while on that.

As for your jobs situation I had a permanent job but wheb I was being of sick loads and going to a&e they eventually change my contract to zero hours. I meant to go back to work once I have recovered from operation in 2 and half weeks time but I don't think my job will be there. I know this I get more pain at work from standing all the time so loosing it will force me to get a different one which may help.

Can I ask how old are you and what medication have you used. What other symptoms do you have. I have recently been suffering from extreme fatigue and nausea. Although I used to have it they seem to be all the time now. Doctors have always put it down to ibs.

Chin up...will get there in end. Xx


I just had my first laparoscopy this Tuesday but they didn't find anything but did diagnose IBS and said I won't require any further treatment, which is so disheartening to go through all of that to no avail. When I'm fully recovered I'm going to my gp with hubby in tow, to see what the next step is. I'm certainly not looking for problems, but something isn't right :( So I know how you're feeling a bit.


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