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Vulva/Labia pain

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum so I hope this works! Has anyone experienced pain in the labia and vulva area which they know to be caused by endometriosis? I was diagnosed with endo just over a year ago after years of horrendous periods and painful sex but it wasn't removed, my pain seems to be becoming more regular and now I'm experiencing aching almost period type pain in my labia could it be endo or is it yet another thing? Thank you!

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Endo is a bleeding disease - if there was endo on the labia or vulva (which can happen) it is very easy to see and to remove. Endo grows on the surfaces of tissue and bleeds each month so each endo lesion on the vulva or labia would be seen when you have a period as they too will have their own little periods. Endo cells behave just the same as they do inside the uterus where they are supposed to be.

it sounds from your description much more like vulvodynia - 'another thing'.

There's a brief run down of that on wikipedia


but lots of potential causes.

1st step to try is sudocrem nappy rash cream rubbed over the skin all round the lower portions as you start your period. and keep that layer of protection topped up, so that if you are reacting to the irritation of blood or changes in the chemicals in urine causing the pains then this should prevent that problem cheaply. Its sold in all supermarkets and chemists in the nappy section. A god send of a pot to have in the 1st aid drawer for all sorts of reasons. it's great stuff and you don't need much.

If that doesn't solve the problem then visit the GUM or STD clinic to get all the STDs ruled out as possible causes. or treated if there is something detected.

After that you should see your GP and possibly get a referral to hosp to see if they can determine what is behind it, but it isn't always solvable and in that case once all the nasties are ruled out,

you could carry on with pain relief when required or stop your periods with BC pills, mirena coil or arm implant Nexplanon etc to see if that can give you monthly relief from the pains, because they may simply be hormone related - in the same way that some ladies experience breast pains at certain times in their cycle when the hormone levels are playing up.

Don't ignore it hoping it will go away. If it is from a vital, bacterial or fungal infection it is best to get treatment asap. Best of Luck - hope you find it is easily treatable.


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