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Just a few questions

So this past week I got one of my ovaries removed. Other than having half my lady parts I'd say I'm doing well. The only thing is my period for this month was abnormal compared to how it usually is. Mostly my periods are about 7 days and start off pretty heavy but this time it was 3days and light. The surgery was Monday and aunt flow came Wednesday, does the removal have anything to do with the change or could it be something else? I also heard anesthetics can have an affect too.

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H I had my ovary removed last June 2013. I had very light periods after my operation and still do. They are very dark too. Brown in colour and a few times its been black. But gyno said it was just old blood.

I did start to get loads of pain 6 months after op. So make sure u keep going to ur appointment and make a note of ur symptoms and your periods. I use pink pad app and it's helped me know when am ovulating period etc.

I am actually having surgery tonorrow to go in and look to find out why I am having pain.

Can I ask why they removed ur ovary. My ovary and tube on right side was removed due to dermatoid cyst.


Nothing to do with the missing ovary and everything to do with the surgery. Periods are disrupted by ANY surgery and anesthetic and can take up to 2 years to settle into a routine.

If it gets to the point that you want to take back control - then see your GPabout taking brth control pills fora few months as that should get you back in to a better routine quicker than waiting for mother nature.

One ovary is just as effective as two,some ladies are only born with one and they still have monthly periods.

I've got one side removed too- and now got mirena installed and working to stop periods altogether. Don't miss the missing one at all, very glad to see the back of it and no more painful cyst issues on that side to worry me and disrupt life.


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