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Where's my period???

Had a laporscopic excision of A LOT of endo in march the day after op they gave me an injection of 3 month dose of prostap but due to memory loss and bad side effects I didn't continue with the therapy after the initial injection. We are now 6 months since the injection and no sign of period. I'm really worried about the damage this hormone therapy is having on my body. I'm having a bowl resection next month to excise the remaining 40% of adhesions they couldn't remove in initial surgey. I'm stage 4 so quite severe but the consultant says my tubes look ok, I really want to be a mum and the fact that I'm not ovulating is really worrying me.

Anyone know any more about this?

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Don't panic.

Prostap in March for 3 months takes you sometime in June (You would be able to work out the dates from the injection plus 3 x 28days.)

That is the time when the drug is most active. It then remains in trace amounts in the body up to 12 weeks after that which brings you to some time this month of September.

So you can soon start returning to non-safe sex ( for TTC pusposes, if that is your current plan).

Safe sex throughout the time the trace amounts might be in the body to avoid clashing a pregancy with the drug.

Your ovulation may already have happened - it may not restart for months yet.

The average time for ovulation to begin again and periods to return is 6 months after the drug's initial time was up. So going back to the June date: half of women would be expected to get their periods at any time before the 6months and almost half will have a longer wait and won't get periods till after x-mas.

Very few don't restart within a year. If you get to a year, then that's the time to speak to your GP for hormone tests to see which if any of the pituitary gland hormones is not back in full production and see if some forms of HRT may be required or if there is anything else can be done to remedy the situation.

At this point you are still, believe it or not, in early stages of the pituitary re-awakening and getting back into hormone production. You are at the mercy of your own body and which order it decides to reboot the hormones. Usually the most critical hormones will be top priority.

Ones that regulate temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, kidney function and so on.

The sex hormones are not nearly so important to your how your own body works minute by minute so tend to be one of the slower or the slowest to get back to work.

Certainly at this stage -all is normal - and it's a waiting game. Because your endo is dormant too this really can be the best time to be doing things. No endo activityor periods, and hopefully a great deal of improvement from the side effects of the drug.

sods law the quicker you want ovulation to resume the longer you will wait for it, and the longer you want to have a break from endo pain the quicker the wretched periods return.

I was hoping for a nice long break after my zoladex before the 1st period came ... just 4 weeks later it arrived ARghhhhhh!!!!

There are a few ladies on the forum who ended up waiting a year to get their periods back.

There is no set time- because ech of us is relying entirely on our own body rebooting hormone production again and we are all unique.


Hi, thankyou for your reply.... Would love to say I've been symptom free!! But I haven't, I've had constant deep imbedded pain in the base of my back thought the treatment! That with deep depression, memory loss horrendous sweats! Before the treatment intercourse was excruciating. After injection My sex drive has been rock bottom. it actually has been the worst year of my life! My partner has had nothing but grief from me!! I know it's all to do with the gnrh so been trying to keep positive!! i currently feel like my mind and body are not my own And trying to get some kind of normality back I have a thick scar cementin my uterus and vowel together so it's really unpleasant wishing the days away until by second op!

I know we've all been here but I just get a little worried sometimes it helps to have the reassurance feeling a little more at ease after reading your message :) thanks


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