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i have been bleeding so heavily that even when i put on a tampon and a panty liner i bleed through it so bad it will run down my leg i have been having horrible migraines and nauseous and extremely tired and it has been going on for 5 months straight only 1 to 3 days out of a month i will stop bleeding someone please tell me whats wrong with me... **sorry for the information being so graphic and open** im just extremely worried

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This is not necessarily cause by endo , but abnormal bleeding needs reporting to your GP. There are a load of possible causes which can be investigated and there are drugs to help with blood clotting and also to stop your periods too.

Have a look at the following website flow charts for Heavy menstrual bleeding and the route for trying out treatment options.


Each box on the flow chart can be clicked to open up a lot of info in the right hand column for yo to read.

There may be an identifiable cause - there may not be any cause found.

Either way you do have treatment options to help improve things a great deal.

To some degree you will be a guinea pig trying out different treatments to see which are the most effective for you. As each case is unique there is no one set cure or way to solve the problem

1st step speak to your GP and get the early intervention options under way.

Tranexamic Acid tablets , birth control methods taken as period controllers, and so on.

They should also arrange for pelvic ultra sound scan - but might refer you straight to gynaecologist to oversee the investigations.

Something is not right and beside that, it is making a huge dent in your quality of life so do something about it. You don't have to put up with it and soldier on with the situation as it is.

If it only started up recently - my guess would be fibroids is the 1st thing to be checked for and that needs an ultra sound, but you can still tke steps to stop bleeding while you wait for the ultr sound appointment.

Hope it doesn't take too long to find a way to better control the bleeding and preferably stop it.

From my own experience of decades of heavy periods lasting up to 3weeks a time. Mirena Coil has stopped all that nonsense and now I have an extra 9 months a year period free which is FAB and I am astounded at the result from one small gadget. Wish to god it had been invented in my teens. It'a a life changer it really is. There are a stack of other options too, but do get the bll rolling by contacting your GP right away. There is help available to you.


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