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Still suffering

Hi all, after having endometriosis for 10 years now and having 8 surgerys im back to the beginning working out which is the best route for me. Ive recently been put back onto prostap monthly injections. With only being 23 this is a huge decision on my future with the prostap injections shutting everything off. And means with fertility and having a family is gonns be a big problem.

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Hi I have severe endometriosis and currently on prostat advised by ivf clinic before I start ivf, they said by having this it would hopefully help my pain so I can reduce down on pain meds.

Well I've been on the injection 4 months now and it hasn't made no difference to the pain what so ever.

Prostat Wont stop your fertility, they choose this one as its safer to use if you want to have a child in the near future.

Sorry to hear about yourself and hope this helps.


Thank you, ive had prostap before but they stopped it after the 6 months. But been referred to a different hospital and reput on it. I found it did ease some of the pain, im constantly sick with the pain and struggling to have a normal life of a 23 year old. Ive been looking into having a hysterectomy as I feel as that's my last choice


Like you I have been referred to different hospital so waiting to see them.

Im 27 and I don't lead a normal life like yourself, I can't Walk too long, in pain all time, struggle to hold down my job, Effecting my relationship . I fully sympathise with you hun.

Have you any children?

If ivf don't work I will look at hystrectomy.


This is the 3rd hospital im at, its hard I struggle to walk and I can't go out clubbing or anything as I cant drink. No I don't have any children and its put a strain on my relationship atm cause my fella does want children so its a hard situation atm x


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