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Has anyone experience problems after a presacral neurectomy to treat their endometriosis need advice ?

I am concerned about the chances of it not working and also causing complications such as chronic urination and constipation. Is it a risk worth taking or will be attached to a toilet for rest of my life ?

It also seems like a not very common procedure. Would love to talk to someone who has had this surgery.

Please help.

Thanks in advance

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Personally id say NO! I had it done almost 6 yrs ago and ever since have had severe chronic constipation and terrible bladdet problems. I take a cocktail of drugs for both my bladder and bowel and I often have to catherterise myself due to retention. Im actually on a waiting list for treatment to arrempt to revert the damage (sacral nerve stimulation) I have read that somewhere in Europe pre sacral neurectomy has been banned due to the damage it can do. Good luck x


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