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Lump has returned

In November 2013 I had a lump removed that was very big they weren't sure if it was cancer sent it for histology and after weeks of waiting it came back that it was loads of endometriosis I now have the same lump back in the same place which is the lower right side I am in agony constantly I really have had enough I had a battle the first time with the doctors fobbing me off all te time not sure what it was and then guessing wrongly they even thought it was appendicitis and took me to surgery for it I'm sick and tired of this battle I'm so tired and sick of the pain x

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So sorry to hear you are in so much pain but so glad to hear it was not cancer. That is excellent news. When are you booked in to have another surgery to remove it? Surely they can't drag their feet now, it is proven endo.

I wish you well, big hugs.



I am seeing gynae again in September unless they cancel again but they still drag their feet and aren't operating again yet which is awful I just want them to help me I have just come of the decapeptyl injections I have tried everything they have suggested and I've had enough now I just wish they would do more for us ladies instead of brushing us off thanks for your reply it's nice to have people who do understand to talk to xx


It took me around 17 years to get to the point of having my first lap booked in... which will be on the 9th September! Yes it is good on here as you don't feel so alone.


Good luck all the best let us know how you get on xxx


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