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Can endo be causing me to have issues with my bladder after sex?

Hello, I was diagnosed with endo and PCOS 7 years ago and I have a bit of a strange question to ask; Can endo be causing me to have issues with my bladder after sex? When I do manage to have sex for a few days afterwards I seem to have the urgency you would get with a UTI to pee as well as intense pain towards the end – almost as if I’m being crushed from the inside. However there is no burning or anything like that.

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I think if you have any endo deposits or adhesions around the bladder it would probably feel like that. They used to call cystitis 'the honeymoon condition' or something like that, because of the friction causing inflammation to the urethra.


Hello sallybowles, thank you for replying and answering my question. I had a lap yesterday but it wasn't until 5pm so I didn't get a chance to find out what happened other than they removed my appendix. My consultant said he would write to me and explain everything they found and did. The surprising thing was they said I could go home if I wanted too so at 10 last night I left. I am in much more pain than usual and this was my 5th but then i have never had my appendix moved before.

Victoria xx


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