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sore throat

over the weekend I had a sore throat it felt like tonsillitis , I started work on Monday and when I went home I started to feel unwell I got sent home from work on the Tuesday and went to the doctors she had a look & said my tonsils are perfectly normal that she thinks I have a viral infection but as the days are passing my throat is agony it's sore when a swallow I have took soothers but nothings working does anyone no what it may be ?

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Crumbs it could be anything if it's a virus, and it will run its course, you just have to make sure you take pain relief - might find the liquid sort easier to cope with than swallowing tablets.

The difficulty with having endo is our immune systems are wrecked and where most people happily fight off infections and may not even notice they have been exposed to the same virus, we tend to get them and get them hard.

Ice cold drinks and Ice cream might be soothing or rather numbing to swallow.

Speak to the chemists as they will have a range of oral painkillers to chose from.

Hope your feeling better soon.


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