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Soreness/burning sensation?

I'm very new to all this and am in need of some advice. My gynae consultant thinks I probably have endometriosis. I'm taking Microgynon to try to treat the symptoms and if this doesn't improve things they are going to do a laperoscopy.

My questions is this. Having read up on endo I found that a lot of my symptoms were listed (in fact the first time I read a list of endo symptoms I felt like I was reading about myself, it all fit perfectly with the problems that I have)! However, I am unclear as to whether one of my symptoms is linked to endo - every time I go through my pill cycle (I take them 3 packs at a time) I start to get a soreness/burning sensation just inside my vagina, sometimes also around my bum, and in my bladder/urethra. This usually starts at the end of my pill free week and goes on for about 7-10 days. This is also the time when sex is most uncomfortable.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'd be really grateful for any advice or support as I need to decide along with my consultant whether to go ahead with a laperoscopy and would like to be as informed and confident about the decision as possible before putting myself through surgery.

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I havent seen a gynae yet but I am waiting for the letter for my appointment as my GP is convinced I have endo. I am also on Microgynon. I get soreness and burning sensation when I go to the toilet at the start of my pill free week, throughout having my "period" (isnt much of one lol) where the pain is worse, to the point where i am holding on to the bath tub cause its so painful and it can last a few days after my period has stopped and i am back on the pill. I try not to have sex until a few days after the pain has went away. I get the pain and burning sensation in my vagina also. I am too unsure if this is linked with endo.

Not sure if that helps or makes you feel better knowing that someone else is going through the same thing. Once I see a gynae and if they suggest surgery then I will go ahead with it.but that is a personal choice.

Rach x


Hi Rach,

Thanks for your reply, it is reassuring to know that other people are going through similar things. I'm sorry to hear you have this problem too as I know from experience how miserable it can be. I'd be interested to know how you get on with the consultant and what they say about this problem as mine didn't really explain why it happens etc.

I'd really like to know if anyone else has similar problems and whether it means that the endo is on the bladder. I have agreed with my consultant to try 3 more packs of pills to see if I improve before taking the step of surgery, though right now I feel like I just want to get on with it!



Hi Amy

No problem. Its nice to know that you arent alone and there is support out there, as from recent experience friends and family rarely understand and when I try to talk about it and my worries about it all, I get brushed off cause its not really something people understand if they havent got it or even heard about it.

Once I have seen the consultant, I will let you know. I havent went to see my GP about this but it has gotten worse lately. You can message me anytime, I do Open Uni so I am on laptop everyday lol

Rach xx


"Hurts when i pee" is a question i asked not too long ago. If you go onto my profile i think you will see the question :) few people replied.

Rach xx


Hi, I've recently been put on norethisterone to take all the time and I've started getting symptoms like this. It's feels to me as if ive been scratching in my sleep, all red raw and sore. Along with these symtoms I get (sorry tmi alert) swollen inside my vagina, like there's not a lot of space in there. I have no idea what causes this but it has gotten worse since starting on this drug :/

I'll be interested to see what a consultant says about it x


Thanks for all your replies.


Sorry to hear you are going through this. I am in the U.S. In California and it took 7 doctors and over a year of exams to find my diagnosis of endometriosis. I get terrible vaginal burning as well as pelvic. My boyfriend purchased a clay heat pad and he boils it for me and I place it where the pain is. Sometimes that helps... Other times I have to take a pill of Norco in addition to the heat pad. Hope you find relief soon.


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