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Pregnant and in pain

Sorry if this is hard for anyone. I'm 18 weeks pregnant after I was told I would never have children so I'm completely over the moon but I was wondering if anyone else has been in complete agony throughout their pregnancy?? I cannot believe how bad the pain is I thought it was supposed to get better through pregnancy? I'm just so down and depressed and I'm really not coping! Hope everyone else is as well as they can be

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It is not endo causing the pain - but unles syou has surgery before getting pregnant to cut back adhesions, they will be sticking organs together with superglue strong strands of sticky scar tissue and as baby grows and uterus expands it is pulling and stretching those adhesions till they tear or snap and it will be painful for some time in early stages of pregnancy till it gets to the point where those adhesions have all been stretched or snapped making enough room.... and that time will eventually come and after that you should find the pregnancy is a lot less painful in the later stages.

Problems can still arise with delivery of the baby if you have a lot of adhesions round the cervix and vagina which inhibit them from stretching when they really need to, and it may mean either a more painful at first labour, or in some cases may necessitate a C-section delivery.

Please speak to your GP about pain relief options you can use during this early stage, and use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page to look for previous discussions on adhesions in pregnancy, as it has been discussed a number of times before and you may get some 1st hand experiences from those previous discussions that are helpful to you.

Congratulations too and hope the adhesion pains ease up for you soon.


Thank you for your reply. I've had two lots of surgery to remove my endo this pain is just ridiculous. I've been in hospital four times already throughout this pregnancy and it's just getting harder as the weeks go on


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