Forgetting things

Just wondered if anyone else keeps forgetting things? I have endo and have really bad headaches and I forget the simplest things. I got on the wrong bus cuz I forgot where I lived. My dad called me yesterday asking what I wanted for my dinner and I had forgotten about the call and ate elsewhere. It's really frustrating and I've got my boss on my back about it too.

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  • I get this on prostap treatment - are you on a particular treatment which may be causing these symptoms?

  • Thank for the reply. No I am not taking anything. Other than taking neurofen for constant headaches

  • I also get this but I am on prostap injections as well. It is annoying tho and people at work are starting to get annoyed with me also cos unless I write it down I have no recollection of what they have told me needs to be done

  • I get that too, I keep forgetting words for no reason, I don't remember this happening to me before I started getting endo symptoms. I have read that excess estrogen excess and progesterone deficiency can cause symptoms including foggy brain and memory loss so it will make sense that it happens also with endo. I am not on any medication either (apart from painkillers).

  • I get this to i get alot of migraines and have even seen zig zag lines in my eyes before i forget things a lot and this was before i was on any kind of treatment im now on fertility treatment but before that it was no better.

    I do take pain killers.

  • Thanks for the response. Today is the first day I haven't had a headache for 5 days! I also take painkillers for it but nothing seems to help. I get blue and red spots when I blink.

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