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Walking in pain

I have terrible pelvic pain and difficult walking. I can't straight myself with endo and adhesion pain. I can hold on to desk and back of the chairs etc but they are not always available. Does anyone use walking aid?

I am having a lap in 2weeks. will a walking aid be useful after lap too?

or should I hang on another few weeks that hoping I will get better?


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I have quite bad pain in my hips too, it gets particularly bad when I'm at work as I have to stand for 5 hours at a time. I also have trouble in the morning when I go to the loo, I don't know if my hips are stiff from not moving them all night? I don't use a walking aid because I don't feel like I need one just yet and also because I know people would judge me, as no one believes I am ill because I don't 'look' it. However I have spoken to a lady who does use a walking stick because it's so bad for her. I really hope your lap helps and that you start to see an improvement in how you feel xx


I used a wheelchair a couple of years ago but that was mainly for fatigue rather than pain (at the time, my diagnosis was M.E.). Now I use a stick for both pain and fatigue. If I'm having a bad day I won't be able to stand up straight and my husband has to straighten me out.

Good luck with your lap. Try to be optimistic but be prepared for bad news. I went in for a lap & dye, expecting them to find a cyst and some minor endo. I got diagnosed with stage 4 endo. Bit of a kick in the nuts! :)


This is the first time I have written anything, as I still find it hard to talk to people about emdometriosis.

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. But I have to also admit that I was a little relieved to see your posts. I don't feel so alone now. I am still, myself, trying to understand emdometriosis and how it can effect my body and my day to day life. Never mind trying to explain to other people! I have extreme bad pain in my hips and right down my legs. I can also be doubled over with the pain in my stomach and pelvic area. It can get so bad that I have been physically sick with the pain. It can get so bad that I can't walk for very long at all, and this happens at least twice a month. My elderly father has even offered me his walking stick, when seeing me struggle!

I used to be so confused as to what was causing it, until I was diagnosed with emdometriosis and found the emdometriosis uk website and was referred to a consultant who specialised in emdo. There was also a great support network within the Edinburgh Royal Hospital and emdometriosis uk. I think I would have thought myself mad without it.

When people see you struggling and ask what is wrong and you tell them it is emdo, they look at you as if your at it! They have even said to me that it is just a gyno problem and every woman gets painful periods, don't they?! I have lost could of the people who have said to me it is part of being a woman, get over it. I have even had GP's say as much! A lot of people seem to think that once your period is finished you will be fine. If only!

I am trying new strategies and technics to help try and manage my pain, but some days I just have to except that I can't do much and take my strong painkillers and lie down with my hot water bottle.

I have now moved down to the west of Scotland and there is no emdometriosis support group or specialist unit within any of the hospitals. I have felt so alone, but now that I have found this site and found the strength to write something , after all this time. I don't feel so alone. Thanks everyone and take care.

( sorry for babbling on!!)


shukudai - yes a walking frame can be very useful after surgery to provide a bit extra support, and sometimes you get dizzy when you stand up too quickly or after spending some time lying down.

I wouldn't advise you to buy one at first, but if you can borrow one for a couple of weeks it will be used.

I had a chair put next to the toilet to help me get on and off the toilet after my surgery, it was essential and luckily the bathroom was just big enough to fit a small chair next to the toilet.

Also getting up from any seat or the bed, anything that requires you to use tummy muscles can be painful so a walking frame to steady yourself is a very good idea.

If you don't need it for long, and have only borrowed it, then you can give it back, but if you decide you want to buy one for yourself after using it then you will have a better idea of what you want in terms of useful design and weight of the walking frame.

Some walkers have half wheels and half legs on them, others are just 4 legs, some have rubber handles, some don't. Some can convert to a seat if you need a rest while you are out walking with it. Different designs are available depending on your own needs.

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Thank you ladies. Sorry not be able to reply soon as I had really bad pain yesterday and had to take as many painkillers as possible and go to bed.

I think I may get a walking stick soon which is not very expensive. I really needed one yesterday though... I tried my mother's trekking stick when I had pain and it really helped me. I have to get my son from school 2 weeks after my lap as long as no complications so I think I would probably use a stick. I could borrow my father in law's spare stick but it won't be very expensive and I may need one later (I am waiting for my foot operation too).

My worse pain in on my right side and the pain goes down to my right knee so I really have problem walking when I am in pain. I am limping and hunching so it won't do any good for my bad back. I don't want to be seen using stick but I don't think I can afford not to now.

I hope everyone have less pain than usual today. Take care.



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