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Presacrel neurectomy


So I have been to see my surgeon and my gp and they think that it is a good option to have a presacrel neurectomy to relieve my endometriosis pain. I have been put forward to have this done as well as the lasering of the deposits.

I want to hear from people who have had their nerves severed to relieve pain and if it worked?

Please message a confused 25 year old and help me decide.

Thanks x

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Hiya. I'd thought PSN was sometimes done for adenomyosis but I've never heard of it for endometriosis. There are regular discussions about the effectiveness of PSN on a facebook group called EndoMetropolis . It is run by experts in endo / adeno and it is a group to learn and empower so questions and debate is encouraged. I've seen it mentioned a couple of times on here too so might be worth searching for it here too. When you say they are lasering the deposits it might be worth checking that they are nit just planning to burn the endo as it will simply regrow - sometimes within months. To treat endo effectively it needs cut out ( excised). Hope this helps xx


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