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Coil probs

I had a Mirena coil fitted two weeks ago with the hope that it would sort out endo. After 9days of pain and cramping I had it checked - it fell out. I had a copper coil fitted the following day. I have had sharp cramping pains since then, and spent last night in horrific pain, where I could barely move (4days after fitting). I have been in some reasonable pain since last night, and I am concerned the threads have got longer since this. Am I just being paranoid or is it possible my body is rejecting this coil too? Feel at such a loss and I don't know what to do! Has anyone had a similar experience?

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If your body rejected the last one it is very possible that's what is happening again!

I'm currently waiting to have mine retrieved as the strings have gone up!


I've tried two coils & my body rejected both of them. Both times it went missing the last one I needed a Lap to remove it as the couldn't find it at all.

If u r in that much pain please go to the hospital & get it out ASAP x


The pain has settled a little - hopefully seeing doc tomorrow to have it removed! Or atleast checked! Thank you x


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